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Getting married in Maine? Congratulations! 

You've chosen the perfect place to tie the knot. 

Now you need a wedding officiant.

Whether it's a grand affair or something simple with a few friends, I'm here to help.

 As a Notary Public in the State of Maine for over 10 years, I have worked with couples of all stripes and styles to create elopements, weddings, and renewals of vows that are just the right fit.

 Let's make your wedding day truly memorable!

Hitch Maine


Engaged? Check. Now, time to create a great ceremony...

Elopements & Renewals of Vows

Fun options for a low-stress hitching adventure...

About Hitch Maine

My philosophy and a little bit about me...

Hitch Maine Weddings

Christine & Jeff in Kennebunk. Photo by Julie Gray.


I'll work with you to create a wedding ceremony that's just right for you. I can use a great selection of wedding ceremony readings, ideas, and samples or build something entirely from scratch. Whether you're right next door or on another coast, together we'll make the most important part of your wedding day truly memorable. 

The price includes:

  • Ceremony consultation & creation
  • Performing the ceremony
  • Properly completing and filing marriage license after the ceremony.

Travel time/distance

Within 20 of miles Portland - $300

21-50 miles from Portland -    $350 


Whether you have a wedding party of 2 or 20, wedding rehearsals are always a good idea. It helps to put everyone at ease and enjoy the celebration. Especially recommended if you have young flower children or ring bearers.

The price includes: 

  • Providing guidance and logistical advice to ensure your ceremony flows smoothly.
  • Coordinating with your wedding planner or day-of organizer
  • Travel time and distance

Within 20 miles of Portland - $125

21-50 miles from Portland -    $150

Photo: Christine & Jeff in Saco

Photo by Julie Gray, www.juliekgrayphotography.com

Hitch Maine Elopements

Maya & Joseph at Two Lights State Park. Photo by Cassie Rosch.

The Short & Sweet

I love elopements! And what's more romantic than eloping in Maine? This option includes:

  • A lovely little wedding ceremony in the perfect place of your choosing. Pick from several 5-10 minute ceremonies.
  • Properly completing and filing the marriage license after the ceremony.
  • Witnesses, if needed.
  • We'd be happy to snap photos, too!

Within 20 miles of Portland - $225

21-50 miles from Portland -    $250

Fabulous bouquet of flowers - $25

The Short & Really Sweet

All of the above plus: 

  • A bottle of wine from one of Maine's many wineries
  • An itty bitty wedding cake from a fabulous Maine bakery. The best part? You get to eat the whole cake yourselves.

Within 20 miles of Portland - $275

21-50 miles from Portland -    $300

Fabulous bouquet of flowers - $25

Renewal of Vows

Celebrate your love and commitment all over again with a renewal of vows tailored to you! 

Within 20 miles of Portland -    $200

20(ish-50 miles from Portland - $250

Photo: Maya & Joseph at Two Lights State Park, Cape Elizabeth

Photo by Cassie Rosch, www.cassierosch.com

About Me

My Philosophy

Your wedding day should be about you, your beloved, and the utterly unique love you have for each other. You deserve a ceremony that reflects that.

The best wedding ceremonies are those that capture the spirit and personality of a couple.  Your wedding ceremony tells a story. It can be whimsical, solemn, hopeful, out-of-the-ordinary. But above all, your ceremony should feel right to you.  

Perhaps you were raised with religious or cultural traditions you wish to honor in your ceremony.  Perhaps you are looking for a spiritual ceremony that is not necessarily religious. Perhaps you are blending two families.  There are as many variations of a wedding ceremony as there are couples, and I welcome them all.

I will help guide you through choosing a ceremony or creating your own, selecting readings, poems, or passages, even writing your own wedding vows or ring exchange. I want you to have a wedding ceremony that feels just right for you - whatever that may be!

About Me

I have lived in Maine for over 17 years and have been a Notary Public almost as long. My winding road includes previous lives as a Peace Corps Volunteer, a radio documentarian, and the business license administrator for the City of Portland. Now I divide my time between being an actor and voice over artist, working for the Department of Theatre at USM, and marrying fantastic couples from all over the world. I love Maine, yoga, being a member of Mad Horse Theatre Company, and my brood of furry four-leggeds.

FAQ's & Resources

We want to have a ceremony outside. Where are good some places to get married?

Some of my favorite locations include:

Portland Head Light, Cape Elizabeth

Two Lights State Park, Cape Elizabeth

Kettle Cove, Cape Elizabeth

Eastern Prom, Portland

Deering Oaks Park, Portland

Bug Light Park, South Portland

Willard Beach, South Portland

Spring Point Lighthouse, South Portland (pictured)

How do we get our Maine marriage license?

If you are getting married in Maine, you have to obtain your license in Maine. Here, Town and City Clerk's Offices issue marriage licenses. If one or both of you live in Maine, go to the Town/City Clerk Office where you reside. If neither of you live in Maine, you may go to any Town/City Clerk's Office in the state. 

Bring with you:

  • ID - a driver's license, state ID, or passport
  • If you have been married before, a certified copy (with a raised or foil seal) of the divorce decree or death certificate from the previous marriage
  • $40 for the license. 

You can fill out the marriage license application in advance by clicking here or at the Clerk's Office. They will give you a license that is valid for 90 days. Your officiant is responsible for completing and returning the license to the Clerk's Office after your ceremony.

Do you have photographers you recommend?

Yes! Here are just a few great photographers I've worked with. Click on their names to see their work:

Jen Dean: Jen took the photos of Niki and Janice in white you see throughout the site.

Cassie Rosch

Greta Tucker

Emily Delameter

Julie Gray

Kind Things My Couples Say

Sharon & Nick, married on Portland's Eastern Prom:

"Janice was an absolute pleasure to work with. We needed a last minute civil ceremony that was still special and memorable. Janice recommended locations, helped us consider vows, and even provided me with the perfect bouquet. We didn't have witnesses so Janice was able to provide those too. We couldn't be happier with the results of our little elopement on the Eastern Prom. I would recommend her services to anyone in the Portland area looking for someone who is open to the little things that make the day yours, someone who is flexible, and sincere."

Emily & Joe, married at Wind in Pines in Raymond:

"Janice was an amazing officiant for our DIY wedding. She encouraged us to understand what we wanted in a ceremony and then provided us with the means to achieve it. Through her guidance and flexibility, we were able to have exactly the type of ceremony we wanted - despite not at first knowing what we truly wanted! She orchestrated the rehearsal and ceremony beautifully. She is a wonderful speaker (you can tell as soon as you speak to her) who delivered our ceremony in perfect fashion. We also sincerely appreciated all her help with the legal aspects of getting married as well! Do not hesitate to hire Janice; she is a talented officiant and also an all around great person."

See more reviews by clicking here:

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